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La Rose des Vents poster by Les Produits de l'Épicerie Great feeling produced to carry the brands image in a professional and creative direction.

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Negative space in art Graphic designer Simon C. Page uses negative space trickery to depict Batman VS Penguin

En este caso lo que me interesó de la disposición en el espacio y el tipo de imagen que eligió. El uso cromático es controlado y le asienta bien. Creo que es un afiche que tiene fuerza.

Cover Design

workroom 최예슬크링포스터

ye-seul choi, kring, kumho museum of art: designed by kim hyung-jin (workroom) : korean poster>>> Love the blues.


F-H-YU-JEON is the annual exhibition arranged by the design department of Hongik University which consists of two majors: visual communication design and industrial design.

Museum St. Petersburg Avant- garde

The project became a winner of Red dot award: communication design 2011 and a winner of New Museum Token design contest held by ACM (Association of cultural managers).The new visual identity of Museum of St. Petersburg Avant-garde, which is also the o…

Savages. Poster design: Slep (2013).

Modernist poster that makes use of empty space and a slanted grid with highly contrasting slashes of colour.

Nicktoons Rebrand Pitch

Graphic Design - Graphic Design Ideas - Nicktoons Rebrand Pitch Graphic Design Ideas : – Picture : – Description Nicktoons Rebrand Pitch -Read More –