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Premier Hand Engraving Artist, as well as inventor of the Air Chasing Graver. Exhibition grade gold inlay, wildlife scenes, and various scroll decorations on only the finest knives, guns and jewelry.

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Sam Alfano's clean borders, balanced design, and pristine surface make this knife engraving look "finished".

Intertwining Engraving Scroll Set Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration

Designed by a hand engraver. Page corners and rule line element...

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Sam Alfano's Tips & Tricks for Hand Engravers - Exhibition Grade Shading

This week I'm taking an Ornamental Hand Engraving Class at the New Approach School for Jewelers from Jason Marchiafava .

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High quality custom hand engraving for wedding & engagement rings, pendants, and other jewelry articles by Sam Alfano, Master Engraver.