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“네코아츠메 생각나는 그림”

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“네코아츠메 생각나는 그림”

¤ 1/2 - Illustration by Junzo Terada, Miro & Chacha.:

Texture clipping masks and opacity changes/blend modes on simple shapes in Photoshop ¤ - Illustration by Junzo Terada, Miro & Chacha.

Anna Kövecses image

I’ve worked together with Hong Kong based Milk X magazine on creating 10 portrait illustrations of pop culture love icons for their February issue. AND Anna Kovecses the illustrator of this are all inspirational!

宇宙人ダンス Spaceman Dance / Ikumi Nakada80.3×53cm(31.6×21inch) / 2014 / oil and pencil on paper* I added finishing touches and retook a photo In September 2015.

宇宙人ダンス Alien Dance / Ikumi / 2014 / oil and pencil on paper


Are you a new cat owner? If so, there will come a point in time when your cat becomes “just like one of the kids.

Marianna Madriz

Marianna Madriz