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It has always been one of my dreams to learn how to surf..  *sigh*  :-)

Best Wetsuit Brands For Surfing 2017 and 2018

My dream has always been to learn how to surf. Did i accomplish my dream? Of course i did i never gave up whoever does give up there dream is stupid unsmart if they never lived there dream they havent opened there eyes to whats real

Australia (I love how someone put Australia in the Description, obviously they don't watch LOTR haha)

Slot canyons, Australia (Isn't this Argonath from Lord of the Rings? Slot Canyons look different.

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On 18 January Danilo Couto and Marcio Freire ended up being the first to surf Jaws Peahi paddling, surfing the wave to the left side. They did not have jetski assistance and utilized on their shorts and their surfboards.


Little Surfer

Gabriel Medina in action in Hawaii, shot by Duncan Macfarlane. ☮ re-pinned by http://www.wfpblogs.com/author/southfloridah2o/

Gabriel Medina in action, Hawaii. Shot by Duncan Macfarlane

highenoughtoseethesea: “Koa Ph: Zak Noyle ”

highenoughtoseethesea: “Koa Ph: Zak Noyle ”

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