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The significance of yaks for Tibetan people

Tibetan yaks are the most abundant, popular and useful in Tibet. This article gives you some details about yaks and the reason why yaks are important to Tibetan people.

Tibetan Yak: Yaks are cool. They look like Appa.

They dyed his head! I like this for the beloved Chunosi yak-things.

Dressed and ready

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Nomad woman feeding her herd in Tibet

Nomad woman feeding her herd in Tibet

Tibetan Herders Race Yaks During The Shoton Festival - Tibet. CLICK to enlarge

Tibetan Herders Race Yaks During The Shoton Festival - Tibet - twilight princess

All dressed up in Tibet

Yak dressed up in Tibet

Mother and Daughter in Litang Horse Festival... Litang, Kham, Tibet.  Khampa Festival.  China #MinoritiesCulture

Litang, Khampa Festival, China - ethnic Tibetan woman in her finery

Tibet child wearing a traditional side robe. I like the leopard print lining the robe with leather and bead decoration.

Oh so shy, or not so very happy! Traditional Tibetan Clothing - China and Tibet - Xi Zang 西藏 - - China News, Society & Culture

Tibetan Girls in Traditional Dress

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