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Nobukuni Enami – Japanese Photographer of Early 1900: Nobukuni Enami was a japanese professional photographer born in Edo (actual Tokyo) in 1859. Best known as T-Enami, he studied under the guidance of the famous photographer Ogawa Kazumasa (Isshin) during 1885-1890. A couple of years later, he moved to Yokohama to create his photographic studio on Benten-dori street.

Nobukuni Enami 江南 信國 was the real name of Yokohama photographer T. Here he is holding a war fan in a moment of repose during a "Self Portrait" photo shoot that included this shot as well.Okay more samurai then ninja but cool pic

Stereographs turned into gifs.  Genius.

GIFs Animate Japanese Life In The 19th Century [Video/Pics

Geisha. Portrait (black and white) by Okinawa Soba, v/Flickr. And she has a lovely face.

Portrait of a Hangyoku, apprentice geisha, circa. In Tokyo, apprentice geisha is called Hangyoku, whereas in Kyoto they are called Maiko.