marchesa luisa casati - "i want to be a living work of art"

I have been completely enamored of the fabulous Marchesa Luisa Casati ever since I saw this photo of her wearing this sun and moon costume. ‘I want to be a living work of art’ -the Marchesa Luisa Casati

Worn Through » Anarchists of Style: Marchesa Louisa Casati

‘I want to be a living work of art’ said The Marchesa Luisa Casati Luisa, the Marchesa Casati Stampa di Soncino January 1881 – 1 June.

diaporama,1888-28298-Be-bop-en-cave,Vieux-Colombie  by Robert Doisneau

It started with a kiss. Robert Doisneau French Photographer gets a Google Happy Birthday.

Tilda as Marchesa Casati - wow she looks amazing with dark hair

Fashion pictures or video of Tilda Swinton Acne Paper Sweden Fall 2009 / Winter in the fashion photography channel 'Photo Shoots'.

Anna Held, 1902. Look at her tiny waist! Standards of beauty are always changing.

Anna Held - Polish-Born Stage Actress, Dancer & Performer, and the Common-Law Second Wife of Florenz Ziegfeld. She Helped him Format/Design the Ziegfeld Follies. Photo from "The Hourglass", Circa

indian fashion shoot

Beautiful model in amazing colorful prints patterns reminiscent of rich African, Indian designs accessorized with mohawk headdress.

I like this, for some reason I'm reminded of Alister Crowley / tc

Luisa, Marchesa Casati Stampa di Soncino, "Queen of the Night" costume, House of Worth, 1922

.Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire Dancing Rita Hayworth & Fred Astaire. We always associate Fred Astaire with Ginger Rogers. However, Astaire admitted the person he most loved dancing with was Rita Hayworth.

Ballet legend Anna Pavlova in a Ballets Russes costume, wearing a Kokoshnik

This is a colourization of the famous Russian Ballerina Anna Pavlova in the Russian costume kokoshnik. She was very determined to become a ballerina fro. Anna Pavlova in kokoshnik

It's the first time I see this picture of Marchesa Casati. It was taken by Man Ray, 1922.

It's the first time I see this picture of Marchesa Casati. It was taken by Man Ray,

Fashion models on a cigarette break in Italy, 1951 by Milton Greene

I love looking at old this time periosd.the style is amazing. Fashion models rest on a street corner, by Milton Greene, Italy, 1951