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Culinaryon iOS app #WIP

Culinaryon iOS app (WIP) - by Valik Boyev for Heyllow


This is the flow for viewing a recipe in Filibaba's apps. This is actual screen captured footage – not a mockup – with some speed-ups to gestures. We've focused on making the recipe photo the star.


Responsive Cookbook Website by Valik Boyev

1.Yummly app

Mobile App Design Inspiration – Yummly (FREE – available on app store)

1.Yummly app

Invision Mobile App Concept by Valik Boyev for Heyllow

Invision Mobile App Concept

I just wondering, what if… We will have Invision mobile app, where we can check all activity and project status from our mobile phone. Something with simple navigation, minimum functions and abilit.

The Art of Stealing: How to Become a Master Designer

We have an innate ability to create gorgeous interfaces, a natural talent for matching complementary colors, an…

As someone who has traveled around a bit, I really like any service or application which tries to catalogue points of interest in a city. India’s Zomato food and restaurant guide is one such service that has been doing well, with an informative website and mobile apps on all major smartphone platforms. More: http://www.techinasia.com/zomato-print/

India’s Zomato Expands into Print Restaurant Guides

Zomato app for windows mobile

Be Clean

Be Clean

Be Clean by Igor Tomko

Hottest Mobile UI Design examples http://www.isharearena.com/tag/mobile-ui/

5 Latest & Hottest Mobile UI Design Trends For 2013 And Beyond

Hey all,  Playing with a possible city guides menu update coming this fall. Moving away from a bar at the bottom (iOS7 conflict with control center). Let me know your thoughts, thanks!  Download th...

Menu Update (GIF)

Dribbble - Menu Update (GIF) by Rally Interactive (via Ben Cline)

iOS UI Patterns

iOS UI Patterns




Food by Andres Jasso

Profilev1 #mobile #app #ui

Simple with a tiny bit of material design

App landing page - different layout

Dribbble - Close landing page by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Conversion / Currency App Flat #UI Design. (I would really prefer to not having to choose manually what i need. better design is to do an all search interface for these.  Sometimes I'm look for a category that is not listed but mean the same thing, and I have to re-think.  Thats in efficient.)

Looking at examples of different user interface patterns could give us the ideas we need to design something amazing. If you're designing a mobile app UI for