The Breaking Bad badasses

The Breaking Bad badasses

Breaking Bad was the best TV series of all time. Learn about Breaking Bad and get information on the Breaking Bad cast here.

Jesse Pinkman Quotes | breaking bad Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul bryan cranston walter white AMC

Walter & Jessie - Breaking Bad (yes, they ended up wanting each other dead, but they had a strange/twisted friendship for a while)

Breaking Bad Facts - Jesse on Price Is Right!! lol

Breaking Bad Facts - Jesse on Price Is Right! lol i live in new mexico wher they made the show

Yo, these are the best B*TCH!

24 Of The Best Breaking Bad Quotes

10 Breaking Bad Memes to get you through the week. #BreakingBad #Meme

Rosie the Riviter! World War 2 era American moral booster for Wonen working in Ammunition factories. As seen in posters, billboards and newspaper & magazine ads of the time!

"American Gothic" : probablement la peinture la plus (et la mieux !) parodiée au monde

Breaking Bad - American Gothic by Grant Woodvia Brian DeYoung Sesame Street - The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. View Famous Paintings as Fan Art" and more funny posts on Dorkly

look at what you have done hank.

The 24 Best Internet Reactions to the Final Season of Breaking Bad from Look What I Found ~ ffs Hank, get it right

We have rounded up some rare behind-the-scenes photos of the Breaking Bad cast.

For such a dark and brutal show, the behind the scenes shots are always either hillarious or cuddly. On an unrelated note, Bryan as a cockroach is now officially my favorite picture ever.