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Snow crystal

Simulated Snowflakes - "Snowflake Model by David Griffeath (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Janko Gravner (University of California, Davis)

Snowflake - google images.

Figure The properties of snowflakes provide an excellent gateway to many science and math topics.

nature's geometry by via moi, via flickr

How to Preserve Snowflakes. Have you ever wanted to keep a snowflake that will never melt, even when held in your hand, or placed under a sweltering sun on a hot, summer's day? With some microscope slides and glue, you can do exactly that.

12 lumihiutaletta.

The first man to perfect attaching cameras to microscopes to photograph snowflakes, Wilson Bentley

Snowflakes and Sound {MissionalWomen.com}

First Snowfall Traditions: Read Snowflake Bentley, eat by candlelight to enjoy the beauty of the snow covered outdoors, make cookies & write the date of the first snow on the bottom of a Snowman cookie jar/plate to document it for years to come.

If words can do this to water... Imagine what words can do to you. Remember we are 90% water. Sound is Vibration. Logical to believe the two effect one another. Be kind to yourself.   Experiment done by Dr. Masaru Emoto

Water Crystals and Masaru Emoto

human made snow... no comparison to a real snow

Guide to Snowflakes - original slides of different types of snowflakes originally photographed by Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley over 100 years ago and brief descriptions.

“Game of Thrones”-inspired snowflake patterns

Game of Thrones Paper Snowflake Patterns

The nerd holiday train continues with these rather awesome Game of Thrones snowflake sigls by Krystal Higgins. There's one for each of the major houses, th