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Leica Fotografie 2 1977 Man Ray 400mm Telyt Lens Paper Dryers Flash

Leica Fotografie 2 1977 Man Ray 400mm Telyt Lens Paper Dryers Flash

Dora Maar photographed by the pioneer Man Ray                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Portrait of Dora Maar, Man Ray

Dadaismo- Man Ray (1890-1976)

PATAFISICA di un movimento immaginario

Photograph by Man Ray, Le Violon d’Ingres, Model, Kiki de Montparnasse.

Man Ray - Tears, 1930 photographe surréaliste J'aime le côté dramatique dans l'image. Je trouve la cadrage très intéressant et hors du commun.

Le Violon d'Ingres by Man Ray, 1924

Man Ray / "Tears" / 1930 / Photography / He is noted for his work with photograms, which he called "rayographs" in reference to himself.

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© Man Ray (aka Emmanuel Radnitzky), Noire et blanche Man Ray’s Noire et blanche is a photograph exemplary of Surrealist art. The striking faces of the pale model and the dark mask have a.

Juliet Man Ray photo by Man Ray (1945)

Man Ray - Juliet Browner wrapped in scarf 1945 (possibly influenced by Erwin Blumenfeld's 1937 image?

Catherineau Roger, 1954 via Orchid-thief.livejournal.com.

Collage by Man Ray, Dora Maar 1936

Jaromir Funke – Light and Shadow | Orwellwasright's Weblog

Jaromir Funke – Light and Shadow

The Gift 1921 man ray

we could make this

Man Ray, Indestructible Object (Object to be Destroyed) - Destroyed by ManRay 1923

man ray: tears.... my ultimate fav photo by my ultimate fav photographer... REAL PHOTOGRAPHY, REAL ART

Man Ray Les Larmes (Glass tears) The model is in fact not a real woman but a fashion mannequin with glass bead tears on the cheeks. Here, again, Man Ray is exploring his interest in the real and unreal by challenging the meaning of still-life photography.

Man Ray, 1928 (born Emmanuel Radnitzky, August 27, 1890 – November 18, 1976) was an American modernist artist who spent most of his career in Paris, France. He was a significant contributor to the Dada and Surrealist movements, although his ties to each were informal. He produced major works in a variety of media but considered himself a painter above all.

Man Ray, 1928 (born Emmanuel Radnitzky, August 1890 – November was…

Man Ray  "Bronislava Nijinska"  1922. Painting a new facial expression on

Man Ray - Bronislava Nijinska (Sister of Nijinsky), 1922

the girl with the long hair by man ray                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Man Ray - Woman With Long Hair 1929 Dada Photograph small

Juliet by Man Ray, 1946 Also

Man Ray 1946 (Frida Kahlo inspired white flower halo --so it's art and not an actual hat. could be a hat!

Man Ray.

Man Ray F.S. 148 by Andy Warhol

'Larmes' (Tears) by Man Ray,

Photo by Man Ray - Hands painted by Picasso, 1935

Lady Oracle: Hands Man Ray, Hands painted by Picasso, 1935