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4018ae81000000010.jpg (540×405)

4018ae81000000010.jpg (540×405)

What are the Documented Basil Benefits and Uses? Mental alertness and fatigue, flaky scalp, occasional minor aches and pains, occasional sleeplessness, mental stress, supportive of respiratory system and; insect stings and bites. Raindrop Technique.

Curcumin Blend 60 Count

One of my favorite adaptogenic herbs. Holy Basil Benefits Holy Basil is great for reducing depression, stress and anxiety. It promotes health and wellbeing and protects the mind and body in a very positive way.

Spinning Power Outlet

Slot Machine Power Plugs - Forget about those clunky power converters this rotating power outlet is where it’s at. The ingenious design allows you to use any gadget wit.

box room

Guest Room Idea: Sleep Box-this would be fantastic to have for renting in an airport!

China's Space Capsule Hotel Has Robot Staff

China's Space Capsule Hotel Has Robot Staff

Shenzhen& new capsule hotel, staffed entirely by robots (via ÉîÛÚÊÐÅôºãÌ«¿Õ²Õ¾Æµê¹ÙÍø_ÊÓƵÐÅÏ¢_ÃÀʳÐÅÏ¢)

Beautiful space for many to sleep and share- Northern Wisconsin Bunk House - John Kraemer & Sons

John Kraemer & Sons used an extensive amount of natural materials on both the interior and exterior of this Northern Wisconsin Bunk House, which included natural stone, and reclaimed wood sourced from Montana.

Herbal Remedies Chart G to P

Herbal Remedies Chart G to P : “ Herbal home remedies won’t replace conventional medicine, but for many conditions herbs work well and are cheaper than conventional medicines. The best thing about herbs is that they have very less chances of side effects

9 hotéis bizarros em torno do mundo

9 hotéis bizarros em torno do mundo

BT: Hotel Japan: Bucket List - I want to stay in a pod / capsule hotel someday

Capsule with small lcd tv, high speed wifi, and alarm clock.

Japan’s Capsule Hotels Go High Tech and High Style