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Africa / ceremonial Skirt (Ntchak) from the Kuba People (Bushoong Group) from the Kasai River Region of the DR Congo / raffia palm fiber with natural dyes / circa late century

Mitjili Napurrula - Watiya spatulate fractal looks like diffusion limited Aggregation dla magnesium oxide seeping thru rock. Possibility for persian dog leash main middle stripe with variant red-burgandy-pink background and variant oranges-goldbronze-yellow foreground

Design Inspiration // Mitjili Napurrula - Watiya / The painting depicts watiya tjuta (trees). The Aboriginal men use the wood from these trees to make spears, artefacts and ceremonial objects associated with mens business.

Copy image and transfer to a word document- than print onto white fabric and use as background to a quilt, pillow, mural etc.

iPhone wallpaper love this print Margaret Rankin ~ lino print ~ Journal cover at Etsy.