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dart garry

dart garry

Isabel Toledo by Annette Aurell, 1997

Isabel Toledo by Annette Aurell, 1997 Support a cure for Ocular Melanoma/ Eye Cancer!

His hair falls down on his forehead, messy and chaotic and the annoyance on his face is strong enough to break a bone.

Kate MccGwire

'splice', 2012 by kate mccgwire mixed media with magpie feathers image courtesy the artist .

Gijs Bakker

Gijs+Emmy exhibition of futuristic jewellery to open at the Stedelijk Museum - Sonja Bakker with Large Collar by Gijs Bakker, from collection Stedelijk Museum, ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Photograph by Matthijs Schrofer.

Parasitaire worm Leucochloridium paradoxum

Some interesting ones include Leucochloridium variae, commonly known as the brown-banded broodsac. This parasite invades the eyestalks of snails and make then swollen, pulsating and colorful in order to attract birds.