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48 Quotes From 'This Is Us' That'll Make You Want to Be a Part of the Pearson Family

Excuse me while I go look for a tissue.

Milo Ventimiglia plays Jack Pearson — the dad of three with a huge heart. He's down-to-earth, kind, humble, thoughtful and fiercely protective of his family — and the world certainly wouldn't be a bad place if there were more like him. Below, his most memorable moments from This Is Us you'll want to relive over and over.

An Ode to Jack Pearson: The Sweetest, Most Caring Guy on TV Right Now

Just try to get through an episode of This Is Us without your heart swelling up in some way. Network Ten's new TV show, starring Milo Ventimiglia,

See yourself the way he sees you. #ThisIsUs

See yourself the way he sees you. #ThisIsUs

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Forever looking for a guy like the characters Milo plays. Or, Milo himself.

I just started watching this is us from season 2 and every episode is so wholesome I think someone is cutting onions.


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