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The gothic gate to Adrspach-Teplice Rocks in northeastern Bohemia, Czech Republic

The Adrspach - Teplice Rocks are a 17 square kilometer park of incredible sandstone rock formations in the Czech Republic Fantasy Places & Spaces,Places I Want To Visit,Roadtrip Through Europe,The World is Beautiful,

Dwarf’s Door in Český Ráj, near Prague

The Dwarf’s Door in Český Ráj, Bohemia, Czech Republic. Looks a lot like Durin's Door, the western gate to Khazad-dum (Mines of Moria) in Lord of the Rings.


Gothic Gate, built 1839 as first entrance in the National Park in Adrspasske Skaly,Czech Republic

Prachovské skály (Prachov rocks), East Bohemia, Czechia

Prachov Rocks) - Czechoslovakia - Europe - In a quiet, secluded forest, the forces of erosion have worked together to create a hauntingly beautiful exhibit of very realistic stone sculptures.

Tyssa Walls, Czech Republic. I know I'll never go here, but this is old Bohemia and my heart knows this place well

Tyssa Walls, Czech Republic Old Bohemia❤️ my heart's deepest places yearn to explore more of the country my Mom's family is from!

Yosemite of Southern Bohemia (Brno, Czech Republic)

Exploring the Yosemite of Southern Bohemia (Brno, Czech Republic)