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Maddie the coonhound

maddieonthings: “Hangin’ in Lynchburg, TN shooting some stories for folks that make a fine whiskey today 👋 oh! if ya ever make it here plz put the fried okra from Mary Bobo’s in your mouth ”

Shelter Takes Dogs For "Puppuccinos" To Help Them Find Home

Shelter Takes Dogs For "Puppuccinos" To Help Them Find Home

Maddie the coonhound

What a sweetie! ~~ I’ve eaten more lunches out of my truck with this pretty girl than I can count, never gets old.

Maddie catching some Zzzzz's

Maddie catching some Zzzzz's

Maddie on Things by Theron Humphrey

Maddie! Get Down!

"Best camping spot I’ve found in a few moons" by Theron Humphrey of 'Maddie On Things'

* * " Your romantic escapade with a hunk will come to naught  when he feels my clawz on his back."

Idk, people who post like this, what's wrong with their cats. My cats care.

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Funny My dog is really smart. He knows when he hears the word vet. Unfortunately, he's not that smart in choosing a hiding place.

maddieonthings: “Maddie the foodhound 🙈 ”

Maddie chilling

Cool summer naps 😴 (don't leave pets and children alone in a hot car)