Foal Coats are extremely hard to determine sometimes. I can't tell whether this one is going to be a regular Chestnut or a Strawberry Roan. Any suggestions?

Never had a horse in my 49 years of life but would love to have a foal and raise and train it myself. Sounds dumb with no experience but is still my dream since I was five years of age. Just love these amazing creatures. Hope to have one before I die!

Orca Power

This friesian/paint stallion belongs to a friend of my sister. His name is Orca :)

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How Long Do Horses Live and Everything about Horse Age (FACT!)

Wildly weird colored horse by Brooks Paints And Quarter Horses.

Pinto American Warmblood (love those uncommonly colored warmbloods)

State of the Art. White collar-type pattern, legs white with 'strings' reaching up.