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"Uh...Josh? Where are we?" Stacy asked with a shaky voice. "Definitely not in Paris anymore." Josh answered, The mist continued to surround them until they could no longer see each other and eventually everything went black.

Lucretius's view of Blaze and Rory as they walk through the wreckage and smoke, straight towards him.

Conceptual Photography – 30 Creative Ideas

Conceptual photography is that type of photography that showcases an idea, presents a mood or represents movements. Conceptual photography comes with a message to its viewer that the photographer wants to convey through the pictures.



"Quick! Climb!" The boys began up the trees, their nails digging into the bark and knees scraping against the twigs in a desperate attempt to escape the beast below.

Surreal & Conceptual Photography by Logan Zillmer

Gravity Defying Photography by Cerise Doucede

Gravity Defying Photography by Cerise Doucede > The thoughts in the characters head sit suspended surrounding them.

Levitation photography - wandering around :) my first try! creative and conceptual selfportrait

I am still working on the 88 days challenge! I am currently working in a farm, in New South wales, Australia, and I have the afternoon free where I can wander around :) This is also my first try with levitation photography!

#Photography Project Captures People Falling, Tripping and Levitating” #art #inspiration

Photography Project Captures People Falling, Tripping and Levitating