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Flock Focus Friday, 6/28/13

Backyard chicken keeping information, tips, photos DIY projects with a splash of creativity by Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick

A color wheel of farm fresh eggs. - Imgur

A color wheel of farm fresh eggs.

Funny pictures about A Color Wheel Of Farm Fresh Eggs. Oh, and cool pics about A Color Wheel Of Farm Fresh Eggs. Also, A Color Wheel Of Farm Fresh Eggs photos.

lovely eggs - I'm considering getting chicks of either of these breeds - copper marans (dk brown) or the Americanas (blue)

lovely eggs - I'm considering getting blue or black copper maran or a welsummer (front), blue, wheaton, or buff ameraucana (middle), and a speckled sussex (back)

Tinamou eggs are amazing. They have a natural sheen that makes them look like they are made of plastic or glass. Colors vary a bit. Rare.From birds Raised in captivity/ domesticated. Beautiful eggs for basket, bell jar, or displayed singly on a stand. www.brackenridgeranch.com

Tinamous Bird is Eminent for its colorful, smooth, and glossy eggs. Here In this article, I present elegant Tinamous Bird Photos And Images.

Farm fresh eggs, if you raise them, provide a nice touch - or even an offer to help us carry luggage in.

Apple Dutch Baby Pancake

Excited to get a variety of layer chickens for the pretty pastel egg shells.

Blue as an alternative to the green

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All shapes, sizes, & colors of eggs. The dark blue one is a cassowary egg. Another palette idea with Navy accents?


Naturally colorful eggs via Things Organized Neatly: eggs, one from each of my 5 chickens." Clearly, the photographer raises ombre chickens.