Tori Kelly - Unbreakable Smile (Official)

Tori Kelly - Unbreakable Smile (Official) - The song explains my view on life and how I try to live very well.

Tori Kelly - Unbreakable Smile (new song) ; i love this song so much!! <3

Tori Kelly performs new song "Unbreakable Smile" at the Arizona Jean Co.

From Unbreakable Smile by Tori Kelly *Originally made by Erin McKenna*

Day a song that makes me hopeful Unbreakable smile- tori Kelly I just think everyone should get the chance to hear this song, because it's so inspiring and it always helps when I'm feeling down. Tori Kelly is an amazing singer

Tori Kelly- Art Of Letting You Go (Lyrics)

Tori Kelly lyrics from Unbreakable Smile