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All Eyes

Stained glass windows in Saint Peter Cathedral of the Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania

Too formal but great colours, light, and floors. Interior design by Carole Winer-Sorensen ; photographed by Miki Duisterhof

and light lives in this living room featured in New England Home. Carole Winer-Sorensen designed the living room’s back-to-back banquette, giving it hand-carved maple feet and lavender velvet

Twin Flame Love Relationship – Making Love With Your Twin Flame Beyond Form

I will creepily maintain eye contact with everyone I see today. And watch their souls catch fire just as the non- existant sexyness of my soulful eyes comes through and captivates them.

Front entrance door and sidelights, love these idea!

SNS #40 brings you - curb appeal

There is something stately and sophisticated about a black front entry door. Even the more casual style black doors give an impression of.

What a lovely way to wake up!

Rise and Shine

She dreams of a life filled with ease and space, where she can live each day the way she wants to. She's boldly going after this, but it might still feel a little forbidden to "want that much" Bed, window, sun shining through.

Rainbow Eyes | Love and Light rainbow eyes

Radio interview ~ Anya Briggs ~ talks about her interactions with light beings, reptilians….

If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you realize how special you are to me.

20 Spectacular Examples of Macro Photography

Macro photography is a type of photography whereby you take pictures of things extremely close up. It's a great way to see things which the human eye usually

Woah... Seeing the universe through someone else's eyes taken literally. ;)

Stardust Art Print - Imaginary Foundation "The cosmos is also within us, We're made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.

called 'all the pain of yesterday' by Emirates..says to me  'look to the Cross'..awesome pic!

I see a cross =) . I've always wanted to learn how to take really amazing close up photos of people's eyes.i think they tell so much.

love this | there's a garage door that opens to give fresh air and heat and if it's closed there is lots of natural light with all those windows! :)

Randall Mars - contemporary - Dc metro - Randall Mars Architects, Pool House was pushed against the pool, preserving the lot and creating a dynamic relationship between the 2 elements. A glass garage door was used to open the interior onto the pool.

I love this, if only i had the space, old cool raw doors... with glass so cool...Create a New Look for Your Room with These Closet Door Ideas and Design Ikea, modern

Create a New Look for Your Room with These Closet Door Ideas