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Creepy kids

Urban Legend Can we use your phone? (by Melissa) (It is not an urban legend. many reports about the dark eyed children)

Window horror

my biggest fear. at night, pulling the drapes away and seeing this peering into the window

Time to move on.

Cardoard cutouts painted black with the eyes cut out and a glow stick in a little box glued (or duct taped) to the back of the head.if you don't want to do full sized cutouts, you could just do creepy figures in windows.

Asshai Ancient

“ The Aghori monks of India and Nepal spend their lives proving to Shiva, the god of death and transformation, that they are his true disciples by living at Hindu cremation grounds, bathing in the.

Man this part was creepy. Victoria right here and Lily crawling *shivers* scary!

MAMA is one of the best horror movies ever

* form the movie mama . What strangers did to children who was suspected of being a Manson back in the Closest thing Ive seen to it all anyway so far.

Фильм Мама смотреть онлайн в хорошем качестве HD В заброшенной хижине в чаще леса найдены две девочки. Таинственным образом они прожили в пустом доме пять лет. Найденных сирот забирают единственные родственники, молодая супружеская пара. Но девочки не одинок

Jessica Chastain had a giant weekend, starring in the top two movies in theaters. Check out the full box office report.

all seeing eye

20 Incredibly Bizarre Vintage Halloween Costumes

This wasn't your typical All Hallow's Eve. Vintage photos of creepy Halloween costumes have recently surfaced and have taken the meaning of DIY to a new level. The black-and-white pics, which date bac.

The cars weren't that antique, but a nice drive-in movie in the old station wagon was a really good time!  Probably wouldn't be safe these days.

Cars Filling Lot at New Rancho Drive in Theater at Dusk Before the Start of the Feature Movie

Drive-In Theater at San Fransisco by Allan Grant.I miss the drive-in movie theater that used to be near our home.