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Sonic: * Throws Rock at silver* Shadow: *walks away* Silver: *is hit by the rock and falls to the ground* OW! Sonic: *Run with a "i dont give a fuck" face while sipping his soda* Silver: *Chases Sonic*

Senpai Silver by AZ-Derped-Unicorn

Senpai Silver by AZ-Derped-Unicorn gamer crafts,gamer outfit,gamer desk

Awesome (Yeah BOI, I see my favorites in the same picture for once)

The shading is well done. Plus it is makes a good version of black and white drawings of sonic characters.

Nintendo 64 by andreahedgehog on DeviantArt

Here with my obsession with the nintendo 64 Mario 64 was one of my favs games back then Nintendo 64

Question 427 by AskShadowTheHedge on DeviantArt

Question: ShadyClash ((Sonic, Shadow-SEGA, Art- )) ((Shoutout to my new icon)) Question 427