if you want to see beautiful and unique ideas of starburst nails with tape. check here 30 Starburst Nails with Tape unique and Pretty nail art designs.

@Riann McClure this is the technique i was telling you about, only these colors are not was i was talking about, i can't find the picture

Black nails with metallic gradient (glitter looks to be copper, silver & gold - different sizes.) Maybe use a black JELLY! Great for NEW YEARS EVE!

Today's Daily Nail Art is this rainbow foil design by WackyLaki. If you're a beginner in nail art, this is a perfect design for you.

Rainbow Foil Design ~ She used colored foil tape; wondering if I can do this with regular scotch tape. (The issue is cutting the tape that thin.< Cute stuff though!

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Polka dot nails girly cute nails girl nail polish nail pretty girls pretty nails nail art by brittney

milky way :} - Click image to find more Hair & Beauty Pinterest pins

night sky on your nails. Paint your nails black. Take a makeup sponge with blue nail polish and sponge the tips. Then take a toothpick with white nail polish for the stars

Holiday - Sometime Around Midnight / Gold Nail Polish Manicure  #glitterinjuicy #givemewhatIwant

Game day nails-Fuchsia Fade-to-Gold manicure! :) pink: Zoya Areej gold: Petites by Scherer Universe, Gosh Gold, Sally Girl Gold Glitter. Trying this with Wet n Wild dreamy poppy, Revlon gold coin, and Sephora by OPI only gold for me.

Cute twist on shatter polish

Interesting twist on shatter polish

Fun Crafts for Teens | Tweens and teens will have fun turning their nails into pretty works ...

The Digi Nails – A Hybrid Manicure. use scrapbook paper and rubbing alcohol to transfer design to nails