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Since child. he was wonderful already 😍😍💘💘💘💘

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Madara stated that one swing of his blade was enough to change the landscape. Itachi changed the tide of the war, and shinobi world forever. That is something Madara is still trying to do. It's really pretty.

What, who ist this?? It's not sasuke...then who? OwO

What, who ist this? It's not sasuke. OwO <<< It's young Madara

Realy!?I was taking this realy seriosly and then...just *sigh*

No one can beat the great mighty poop<<<I was thinking like "wow man this is deep" then at the end I was like "dammit obito XD"

22491557_1329761957133874_1716801853923057986_n.jpg (853×960)

22491557_1329761957133874_1716801853923057986_n.jpg (853×960)