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timothy olyphant as raylan givens in Justified. Miss seeing  him every week.

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Timothy Olyphant Talks Villains, Boyd, and the Return of Raylan Givens in Justified Season 4 - The U. Marshall is back to dish out more Southern justice, with all-new episodes starting Tuesday, January 8 on FX.

Timothy Olyphant (King Charles)

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I would like to have Timothy Olyphant playing as Christopher’s father because in the movie “I Am Number Four” he his a really caring father towards his not real son and sometimes he can get violent.

Timothy Olyphant

Actor Timothy Olyphant arrives at the premiere of FX Networks & Sony Pictures Television's "Justified" Season 3 at the Directors Guild on January 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

olyfantastique:  Justified :: Last Scene from Each Episode / s01e09 Hatless Raylan - Joe, let me take care of this one.Drunk 1 - Thought I told you not to come back in here.Raylan - Just here for the hat.Drunk 1 - Well, I’ve kind of taken a liking to it. Fits pretty good.Raylan - Mister, that’s a 10-gallon hat on a 20-gallon head.Drunk 2 - We were just trying to have some fun. You were the one out of line.Raylan - Be that as it may, I ain’t leaving without the hat. And I’d be sober this ...

olyfantastique: “ Justified :: Last Scene from Each Episode / Hatless “Raylan - Joe, let me take care of this one. Drunk 1 - Thought I told you not to come back in here.

On Children's Defense Fund - California Dec 1, 2016

Timothy Olyphant Photos Photos: Children's Defense Fund-California's Annual Beat The Odds Awards - Arrivals