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it's a dream of mine to raise chickens for their eggs. thinking about it brings back fond childhood memories of visiting my grandparents' farm. going out to the chicken house to retrieve eggs for my grandmother was always my favorite thing to do.

Quote from Northern Light "A happy soul gets more  beautiful  with age" (and I entirely agree!)

A happy soul gets more beautiful with age. my experience is when a person attracts animals without trying, they have a good soul.this beautiful woman has her faithful dog and trusty chicken by her side.

Fiquei encantada!!!

Very rare in N.They are mostly a show breed, but are okay white egg layers. It is a light chicken.

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"Chick Under Wing." Parent Bird: Her Selfless Love & Protective Instinct to Keep Her Chicks Free From Harm. Quote: "How often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks together under her wings.

Life Is Better On The Farm Distressed Wood Sign by primsnposies

Life Is Better On The Farm Distressed Wood Sign by primsnposies. I soon need this for my Mom & Rick!

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Gardening Autumn - A bunch of Hens - With the arrival of rains and falling temperatures autumn is a perfect opportunity to make new plantations

chicken coop designs

37 Chicken Coop Designs and Ideas [2nd Edition]

Delux Chicken Coop: this is the cutest! Very cozy chicken coop. I'm not entirely sure if it's authentic or if it's a children's play house. Either way it would makeshift as a lovely summer guest house if extra space was needed.

The only thing I miss about living in the country... chickens!

Raising Chickens is Easy Even With Limited Space. Fresh eggs every morning is what you can expect when you have a nice hen to provide them!