A narrow carpet of grass, all that’s left of a once-expansive by lawn, meanders between curved planting beds. To make room for the beds, the homeowners removed sod around the turf’s edges bit by bit as they discovered new plants they wanted to try

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Brick garden path inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Love the curvy path, random brick pattern, and all the blue flowers!

could be gorgous traveling to the one day super shed...from Sunset.

Reinvent Your Driveway

Lush beds of astilbe, bear& breech, hellebore, and hosta spill over the left side of the walkway. A low cedar fence and extra-wide gate across the path have a welcoming look.

This stacked flagstone border to go around my hydrangea garden.

The Elements of Good Garden Design

Keep It Simple -backyard Who says pathways have to be made from stone, brick, or other hard surfaces? The easiest pathway is a simple swath of grass.

Yes, yes, a stone orangerie to go with my little chapel in the woods.

Photos: Scans by Dress, Design & Decor from French Garden Style, photos by Georges Leveque

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Back Yard Shade Garden - Traditional - Landscape - Santa Barbara - Donna Lynn - Landscape Designer hydrangea, heliotrope and ajuga.


Wisteria flowers every spring and lasts for decades. Comes in white, soft blue and deep blue. I love when mine flowers each spring.

pond area

eclectic landscape by Minglewood Designs.this is the landscaping plan for my new place…the lawn will become the path that meanders all over the acreage

silvaris: “Flowery stone path, photo by Dick Conrad ”

Lovely serene garden path in lavenders. Brunneria macrophilla is nice to line the shady path. Use stepping stones in our east front yard?

This pathway is the perfect entry to any backyard.

25 Stunning Garden Paths

This dense shade garden is accented by a Spanish stone fountain, while wax begonias add a pop of color. Keep heights of flowers and shrubs in mind when planting along a path, so that it doesn't become too overgrown

10 Most Inspired Garden Decorations for a Charming Backyard

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Walkways Benefit From Range Of Building Materials And Outdoor Heating

Beautiful Stone Path - rustic looking.I`m trying to create a stone pathway but it`s made up of broken concrete recycled.

Use Evergreens to Make an Impact in Your Landscape

Use Evergreens to Make an Impact

Use Evergreens to Make an Impact in Your Landscape: Add evergreens to your yard to create a year-round show. Get ideas for how to landscape with these plants.