Anne d'Autriche, infante d'Espagne, reine de France, peu après son mariage, par Pourbus

Portrait of the young princess Anna of Austria daughter of king Phillip III of Spain, queen consort of France and Navarre and wife of king Louis XIII of France

Archduchess Clementina of Austria (1798-1881), Princess of Salerno. Portrait 1839-1840

Archduchess Maria Clementina of Austria, daughter of Francis II and his wife Maria Amalia.

Portrait d'Isabella Clara Eugenia, Archiduchesse d'Autriche, 1598-1600 Frans Pourbus le jeune Détail

Portrait of Isabella Clara Eugenia, Archduchess of Austria - Frans Pourbus the younger (detail) 1598

Anna of Austria (1549 - 1580). Queen of Spain from 1570 to 1580. She was the fourth wife of Philip II and had three sons with him.

Ana de Austria, fourth wife of Felipe II of Spain by Alonso Sánchez-Coello. She was her husband's niece, daughter of María de Austria and Maximiliano II.

Catherine of Austria (1533 - 1572). Queen of Poland from 1553 until her death in 1572. She was the third wife of Sigismund II. She miscarried in 1554 and her husband decided the marriage was cursed and tried to have it annulled. In 1566 she left Poland for Linz, where she stayed until she died.

Katherine Hapsburg, Queen of Poland, ca. 1555 (Francesco Terzio) or (Lucas Cranach the Younger) (ca.

Bust of Archduchess Margaret of Austria (1480-1530) as a Widow by anonymous, after 1506 the Netherlands, Kunst Historisches Museum Wien

Bust of Archduchess Margaret of Austria as a Widow -- After 1506 -- Unknown Artist from the Netherlands -- Kunst Historisches Museum -- Vienna, Austria

Catherine of Austria.jpg

Catherine of Austria Queen consort of Poland and Grand Duchess consort of…