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for the nephews! Better get started soon...

Take a look at these awesome taun taun rocking horses! Perfect for a family who wants some rocking horses for their child but loves Star War.

This is a massive 35,000 piece, 8 foot model of a Venerator Class Star Destroyer created by Iomdedes.

This is a massive piece, 8 foot model of a Venerator Class Star Destroyer created by Iomdedes.

This is the cutest!!!

"If you give a man a wookiee, he's going to ask for a fast spaceship. When you give him the spaceship, he'll probably ask you for an astromech droid to help with repairs. Once you've reached light speed, he'll ask you for an Alderaan princess.

You can also make and print out signs of your own.

23 Ways To Throw The Best Star Wars Birthday Party Ever

Because everyone ends up in the bathroom at some point. Star Wars Theme Graduation Party - love this sign Evans Dominguez

Harsh life man

Funny pictures about Poor Luke Skywalker. Oh, and cool pics about Poor Luke Skywalker. Also, Poor Luke Skywalker photos.

I need this

Jonathan had some issues thanks to space restrictions in a new home. As a solution, he came up with the idea for the most amazing triple bunk bed ever, Imperial Walker style. Want this bed room!

When the Boss calls

Star Wars: Conference Call- Yeah Boss is on the Phone- AKA Chris Griffin

Starwars Wall.E ... I love Star Wars + Disney !!!

Star Wars WALL-E

EVE and Wall-E as and Don't know whether to pin on Geekery or Disney!

Enjoy Coca-Cola

Coca Cola appealing to the star wars geeks and kids. Brand association with Hollywood, Scifi and Lego for children all in one image.

Star Wars trash compactor bookends. Awesome.

Star Wars Trash Compactor Bookends Provide The Perfect Literary Pun. Trashy novels kept together by trash compactor bookends, get it?

Star Wars Adult Footie Pajamas

Star Wars Dark Side Star Wars Footed Pajamas -These Footies are loaded with extras featuring: Hoodies, thumb holes, logo zipper pull, front kangaroo pockets and a left shoulder iPhone pocket

Star Wars

I like the use of shapes in this piece, it's very prominent especially the "cylinder" shape it creates. I also like the color contrast between the three main pieces. The piece uses color, shape, and texture.