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Full-Body Sweater for when you're just having one of those days. Wtf Maxwell (silva) Johnson what kind of day requires a full body sweater!

The holiday shopping season is right around the corner, and you know what that means: new gadgets galore. Before heading out to your favorite store (online or offline), here are a few fun and cool gadgets / accessories that you should keep an eye out for.

Want to look like a billionaire who don't have anything to do with money? Here are top 7 crazy accessories that will make you look rich!


The beginning of a beautiful friendship. The beginning of a beautiful friendship. The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Best. Grandmother. Ever. Hahaha

I want to have this much fun when I'm this age. i will be this awesome when i am older!

How Old Is Your Baby?

how old is your baby?" Totally a pet peeve of mine- kids who are too big to ride in strollers

Baby bubble humor leave it to dad lol

Funny pictures about Bubble wig styling skills. Oh, and cool pics about Bubble wig styling skills. Also, Bubble wig styling skills.


Make your dog look like Hermione with this Harry Potter DIY Halloween dog costume idea.


Drawing on Sleeping Beauty.Prince Philip, this is one of the reasons youre one of my fave princes.