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It's over, isn't it?

I'm Emma, cook and su grandma extraordinaire 💃 *posts not relating to su are tagged "now leaving beach city" so feel free to blacklist that tag!

Been itching to do another Crystal Gems Picture. Super excited for the new…

Smoky Quartz Steven Universe

Plus the fact that Smokey is almost a perfect fusion.(Smokey is almost completely humanoid except for the fact that she has three arms, just how Garnet's only flaw is her third eye.

Can we talk about this slap though

➳ the book of pearlmethyst ♥

just a book filled with super cute pearlmethyst pics and comics ♡ ak… # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

N U R S H : Photo

anushbanush: “ Last request of the fourth day goes to Omg it’s like here. See you guys tomorrow!

Just another Steven Universe gif blog! Requests are CLOSED for now. THIS IS NOT A SPOILER FREE...

Pearl-"I must admit " Steven and Greg- " You must admit" Pearl-"It's a perfect fit " Gregor and Steven-" You look great in it"