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The Irrawaddy dolphin is similar to the beluga in appearance, though most closely related to the killer whale. It has a large melon and a blunt, rounded head, and the beak is indistinct. The dorsal fin, located about two-thirds posterior along the back, is short, blunt, and triangular. The flippers are long and broad. It is lightly coloured all over, but slightly more white on the underside than the back. Adult weight exceeds 290 lb and length is 7.5 ft at full maturity.

IRRAWADDY DOLPHIN Irrawaddy dolphins are found in coastal areas in South and Southeast Asia. These animals are known for their bulging forehead and short beak, giving them a far stranger appearance than other dolphins.

Splash: A playful group of beluga whales leap from the water to spray water up into the air, even targeting their trainers

Playful beluga whales squirt water into their trainers' faces

The striking creatures were rescued by Primorskiy Sea Mammal Research Centre in Vladivostock, south east Russia, after they were found either injured or orphaned in the wild. * Love this happy dog.

Belugas like making new friends | Amazingly Timed Photos

Belugas like making new friends – The day at the aquarium just become a heartwarming experience. The beluga sure likes to entertain the guests.

Everybody likes bubbles, even beluga whales (near-threatened; habitat: around Canada, arctic)

Funny pictures about Baby Dolphin Playing With Bubble Rings. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Dolphin Playing With Bubble Rings. Also, Baby Dolphin Playing With Bubble Rings.

Arctic Night by *DolphyDolphiana on deviantART

Arctic Night by DolphyDolphiana on DeviantArt


always tells me how she will be riding dolphins with Little Mr. - Stop the Dolphin Slaughter NOW

Trio Dolphins Fine Art Sculpture

Trio Dolphins Fine Art Sculpture

Help WWF save the Irrawaddy dolphin and species worldwide

there are only 85 left in the wild and their habitat is being taken away by the building of a new dam. Please join WWF in helping to save these amazing dolphins.

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