minx nail

Nails nails nails, I have tried these, they are sally hanson nail decals, they are soooo awesome and soo easy to put on. mine lasted for almost three weeks

looks like a fun activity to do with tween or teen girls! will keep this in mind for future parties of Sarai's

40+ Cool Manis For the Ultranerd

iPhone Nails: Cheesy, but cute!Why would someone want to paint their nails to look like an iphone?

Love the color choices

Triangle tip nail art. The instructions are in French but basically. there are two methods you can use to get the triangle tip. using scotch tape or paper! Love the colors.


Black nails with metallic gradient (glitter looks to be copper, silver & gold - different sizes.) Maybe use a black JELLY! Great for NEW YEARS EVE!


Hot pink and teal leopard print mismatched nails. Love the color combos


Nail Art Alert! How To Get Ombre Nails At Home

Cute twist on shatter polish

Interesting twist on shatter polish