Pink Rose by Shingan Photography

My Grandmommy's Roses. This photograph reminds me of good times~~~~~~~ Pink Rose by Shingan Photography

Romantic Exquisite Red Rose Flower.

Most beautiful red rose pictures. The beauty of a red rose flower lies in its color, petals and shape. It is a symbol for love, romance and affection.


Summer Fashion - Modern Cluster Floribunda, very fragrant. pink and yellow roses

Frivolous Fabulous - Gorgeous Roses

Black Baccara rose– This will always be special for me because it was my cousin's favorite rose, as well as it's my favorite rose. I always get bittersweet memories because at my cousin's memorial service she received black baccara roses.


Rosa azul e borboleta laranja ~ Blue rose and orange butterfly ( by Kirk Ellison )

flowersgardenlove:  Rose ‘Sweet Moon’! Beautiful

So I put this purple rose because purple roses are my favorite flower because they symbolize strength, I hope to get a purple rose tattoo one day. Purple is the color for my disability, and Rose is something with my grandma meaning beauty and strength.