Camille Pissarro Rose

Camille Pissarro Rose part of the painters collection. Colour: Reds, pinks, yellow, cream and white. Height: A tough as nails rose, disguised as feminine! Flowering Period Constantly in bloom for at least 6 months of the year.


None of these photos are mine. I just share what touches my heart.

one in a million by ~O-Gosh on deviantART

one in a million by ~O-Gosh on deviantART Just cannot stop loving and pinning Pink Roses !

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It's beauty is sure to mesmerize. The Abracadabra rose may be small in size, but it's petals with their yellow striping are like magic. Get some Abracadabra roses in your flower bouquet for a beautifully arrangement.

Double Delight... before I leave

Beautiful Rose Double Delight - the most perfumed rose of all. I have a tea rose tree in my backyard. Its a great rose. I have had it for years. I cut the flowers and have them in my mason jar in the kitchen.