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WTC tribute in lights over Brooklyn Bridge, NYC, photo by Noam Galai.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA. New York City's Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the USA. The 486 metre Neo-Gothic bridge connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.


Additional Photography Information: The life cannot be imagined without having art. Though a variety of art available to jazz up the mood, photography is one of

flight by Several seconds, via Flickr

Tall buildings that house families, businesses, and other projects. Also you can see the air is foggy which could be a result of pollution and other waste in the air.

. donbrady

I'm a big fan of photography and the winter it's a great time for photography specially when there is snow around. I handpicked some wonderful snow photos to inspire you for this winter.

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Brooklyn, New York City, New York by Branden Harvey. this picture is gorgeous. the light hits the bridge so beautifully.new york is the best place on earth

Andreas Feininger Brooklyn Bridge. New York City (1940)

Bright lights, big city Street art Street food The Brooklyn Bridge The view from the top Or the view from anywhere, really Endless style inspiration Sleeping in… So we can dance ’til the sun comes up Rock ‘n rollin’ 4 a.

From my trip to New York 2013

New York by fisheye I was able to do this with two childhood friends, shortly after my mother's death. I was able to stand in some of the same spots my father, mother and siblings had visited when they came here from Germany.

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Your Autumn/Winter Guide to New York City (Among Other Things (formerly corals + cognacs))

500px / Photo "Girl with the Green Umbrella" by Anthony Pitch

Girl With a Green Umbrella (Brooklyn Bridge, NYC in the rain and fog)

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