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Sayori Artwork feat. Vanilla by holichii on deviantART

My name is Majo. I grew up in Shangri-la, the witches haven. I'm a sorceress and moved to Japan to find out about human customs. I have a select group of friends and seem shy to everyone else. I love reading and my favorite color is dark purple.

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Pretty Alice in Wonderland anime version. I like the hairstail and the childish…

RLC :: charmsei by kagephumi on DeviantArt:

RLC :: charmsei by kagephumi on DeviantArt Bunny pinkhair blueeyes chibi girl

Erin bubu by CookieHana on DeviantArt

Kine, A younger type, this but with floppy ears. Cutesy little one who wants to be friends with everyone (and succeeds). LETS KILL HER HELL YEAH

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