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India's Pink Vigilante's! How wonderful!! These,the poorest of the down trodden are banding together to fight against abusive husbands and corrupt politicians. AND it's working! Keep going my SISTERS!!

India's Pink Vigilantes

INDIA'S PINK WOMEN VIGILANTES: Clad in electric pink saris, the all-female gang shames abusive husbands and corrupt politicians.Daily Beast talks to the woman behind the largest women's vigilante group in the world.

Fed up with abusive husbands and corrupt officials, India’s poorest women dressed in pink saris are banding together to fight corruption and injustice and to raise their voices against the system.The Gulabi (Rose) or “Pink Gang” fights for the rights of women and other marginalized people in rural India.

would love to talk to her (apparently she's the leader). India's Pink Gang -kimm (Fighting the

Mana. Malice Mizer

Mana Birth Liturgy Event Celebration Card By Sanctuary of Mana: Sexy

Klaha and Kozi... Words cannot describe how much I love this photo.

Kozi & Klaha from Malice Mizer being themselves


♡ω♡ (Uruha, the GazettE) he's prettier than me and I'm a girl.