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Not even kidding....

When you see your photo on your ID card or drivers license hah

So me this year

Funny and Relatable! that means click it all the way to the video) that's like me nd my bestie lol>>>> what do you mean, "long time" I do this every day! Long time is like this

Gotta try this...LOL..

If you think someone is staring at you, yawn. If they yawn, they were staring. Too funny!

Or just flail across the street hoping it was your turn.

So totally yesh. That awkward moment when you don't know if a car is going to let you cross. I'm usually like: Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp gif .


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For real. This is my life for the next two months << try the next Iowa weather sucks :/

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I'm a dancer so when I listen to music I like to choreograph the dance in my head. It's really hard not to just burst into the dance routine that I've created in public!

Funny and Relatable! Lee This happened exactly like this, when I met my (now) ex-boyfriend's mom for the first time.

How to properly take a driver's license photo.

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The photostory about the guy in British Columbia with the weird driver's licence

Creative driver’s license

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