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The Observer (12)

This is a digitally drawn concept art of a Hive Wizard from Destiny. A light source above the character, hits him, showing his lighter and darker parts.

Spirit by ~SoulDa on deviantART

This is what I imagine a siren to look like. Spirit by ~SoulDa on deviantART

Lakoria // Vindictus Artwork // By Unknown

Lakoria // Vindictus Artwork // By Unknown

expecto patronum  |Cervo del Fuoco

artsfantasia: “ Fire Elemental by Marthe Jonkers and Ward Lindhout (A World of Fantasy) ”

Illustrations by Alexander Fedosov

Illustrations by Alexander Fedosov

The amazing work by Ukrainian illustrator Alexander Fedosov. Alexander's illustrations have everything I look for, they are incredibly well done with a really unique style and massive attention to detail.