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Beautiful horse

"You cannot trap his spirit, or be his master, for his soul alone is purer; his body rippled with muscle, more powerful. His heart more forgiving than your own.

Black and White Beauty

Gypsy Vanner Horse - Easily recognized for their leg feathering and common black and white or "piebald"coat color

White Gypsy Vanner Horse - Cobalt . . This looks like it could have been in Cinderella's fairy tale

White Gypsy Vanner Horse - Cobalt~ and he is WHITE because he has all pink skin and pink hooves; if he was gray he would have black skin and mostly black hooves.

Stunning redhead

Beautiful blood bay quarter horse with a gorgeous shiny coat and long mane. That is my dream horse, standing


Cool long pin of horse peeking out of his stable into the snow ❄️ Pretty white horse one ☝️ of my favorites!


I recently learned about the Buckskin Paint pony; this one is called a Buckskin Overo Paint

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American P Lh it jaint Horse western quarter paint horse paint pinto horse Indian pony solid tovero overo frame sabino tobiano rabicano

"Algunas fotos de caballos tomadas de google, para disfrutar de la belleza equina". Http://www.mediafire.com/conv/43b88654064a8e170c80aa13f6a17bbe42d7547c6dffc53976c3c7562fc2e4976g.jpg....

Simplemente fotos de caballos

The Irish Cob or Coloured Cob, known as the Gypsy Horse or Gypsy Vanner in the United States, is a type or breed of domestic horse from the British Isles.


Today horses are no longer bred for military purpose but “The Military Stud of Jerez de la Frontera” Andalusian horses.

adorable face  www.thewarmbloodh...

Henri De Rivel Fancy Square Raised Padded Figure 8 Bridle Oakbark with Rubber Reins

wild and beautiful

Beautiful Animals - The Akhal-Teke is a horse breed from Turkmenistan. Only about are left worldwide. Known for their speed and famous for the natural metallic shimmer of their coats.

* "You are a great champion. When you ran, the ground shook, the sky opened, and mere mortals parted. Parted the way to victory, where you'll meet me in the winner's circle, and I'll put a blanket of flowers on your back." - Dreamer

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