Purple rain - Wisteria tunnel

Purple rain - Wisteria tunnel This is my childhood in Spring. A rounded pergola filled with colorful climbing roses on top and simply wisteria flowers hanging down. Ahh he aroma. Ah just a breeze, and Wisterias underfoot as if to welcome me home!

Wisteria - Exbury Gardens

WISTERIA~ GLYCINE ~ long trailing branches of fragrant lavender blooms. A very old, well developed wisteria that has spread over the large pergolas

Steel arbour structure, with bougainvillea trained along wires | Southbank, Brisbane

South Bank Parklands in Queensland, Australia. Visit our Page -► ツ Amazing Facts & Nature ツ ◄- For more. The parklands consist of a mixture of rainforest, water, grbutted areas and plazas as well as features such as the riverfront promenade,

wysteria has always been a favourite of mine, shame it takes so long to grow!

God's beautiful blessings

Weinheim, Germany --- Wisteria sinensis in full bloom over long stone path --- Image by Jerry Harpur © Harpur Garden Library/Corbis

Elephant's Foot Plant (Pachypodium lameri), Madagascar.

I had read that Epsom Salt can be used in the garden, but I was surprised to discover that there are twelve different ways it can be applied to achieve…


Wisteria tree - I would like one of these trees in my yard look how cool the trunk is