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Artist: Fos Image via Urban Curator

Side View Fos Vegan Restauran in Madrid Features an Exciting Ephemeral Installation- Cool store front idea!

Oscar San Miguel Erice a.k.a. Okuda born 1980 in Santander, Spain is an urban artist who specializes in street art, murals, sculptures and installations. Okuda is inspired by surrealism art, pop art, and even different culture the come across with through out his travels.

Colorful Geometric Street Art : Colorful Geometric Street ArtStreet artist Okuda San Miguel has created eccentrically colorful geometric street art pieces that explode with vibrant colors and are comprised of interesting shapes.

Urban Street Art By Mentalgassi (1)

Berlin street art - the group Mentalgassi uses prints and wheatpaste to transform urban objects into art. So awesome and creative !


Los caprichos de Filthy Luker

Tentacles street art by Filthy Luker. Our roof tentacle installation was co-designed by Filthy Luker!

Urban art installation Giant tetris #installation

Falling Tetris Blocks Sculpture Giant falling Tetris block sculptures from Sydney, Australia.

Spanish Artists Use Old Tires To Create Wall Art

Spanish Artists Use Old Tires To Create Wall Art / RIen est a jeté, tout sert, l'art et limagination est notre arme

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Education is the Key to Knowledge. Created by street artist Marcin “Barys” Barjasz, in Lódź, Poland. Photo by Regina Lang.Street art - Education is the Key to Knowledge

Music surrounds the mundane-ness of life, and as usual, is a link to transport to another place.

Boring park bench transformed into a clever piano! Imagine the tunes your bottom could play!

visualamor:  nevver:  Paint it black  Not black enough.

All black house in Germany. “Haus in Schwarz (House in Black) was a 2008 public art piece by artists Erik Sturm und Simon Jung (previously) in the city center of Möhringen, Germany. The piece was.

Artist Leandro Erlich creates an illusionary Victorian house in east London

Artist Leandro Erlich creates an illusionary Victorian house in east London

“Dalton House”, large-scale installation by Leandro Erlich, displayed June London, England, as part of “Beyond Barbican” summer events series ref: avaxnews.me/appealing/Leandro_Erlich_Creates_a_House_of_Mirrors.