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The fun factor - musical stairs. This video shows how people rarely used the stairs until the piano steps were installed. After installation, practically no one uses the escalator.

The Volkswagen fun theory campaign put the fun back in being good

Piano Stairs Make Musical Note Sounds

In Wulin Plaza in Hangzhou, China. 54 stairs that resemble black and white piano keys. When walked upon, the steps produce relevant musical note sounds, resulting in a truly melodic experience.

Very cute

Baby & Me / a cute evolution of the original Evian Baby campaign.

Genius! Would love to start the day off this way....

Wheeeeeee! Slides Made for Adults, in Dire Need of Fun [Video]

VOLKSWAGEN FAST LANE - Driven by Fun is dedicated to people who like to speed things up a little.

Wow amazing !  Bus Station Sonata  'Commuters play Beethoven on piano with pianist'

Commuters and passers-by from the Haymarket Bus Station in Newcastle UK had a chance to play Beethoven. Most of the participants were non players and many had never touched a piano before!


Czy reklama wody mineralnej może być sexi?

Exercise video in Paris-selling Contrex water

Infectious Laughter is Contagious

Contagious Subway Laughter- I always laugh when I hear other people laughing.

Hilarious and wonderful Christmas video, "watch it you should!" (in Yoda voice)

'Magical' piano amuses and taunts Chicagoans

Remotely Controlled Piano Playfully Interacts with Commuters in Chicago Union Station

Frozen Grand Central | Improv Everywhere

Frozen Grand Central - Jan 2008 over 200 people freeze in place on cue in Grand Central Terminal in New York.

OK Go - Needing/Getting - Official Video https://www.pinterest.com/Yeshuaschild/this-is-me/

The new music video from OK Go, made in partnership with Chevrolet. OK Go set up over 1000 instruments over two miles of desert outside Los Angeles. Just when you think their videos couldn't be more awesome.

Tên trộm ngượng chín mặt vì được "tung hô" sau khi lấy cắp :))

Dutch store HEMA celebrates shoplifter Unappreciative lucky winner makes off

Will We Ever Run Out of New Music? I'm not sure... But now I know so much by watching this.. I love this guy!

Will we ever run out of new musical options?

What an #AWESOME concept: steps designed to look like #piano keyboards in a Beijing #ShoppingMall (even though some keys are out of place).

street art 159 Stair of Piano Keys

Fast Lane - The Shopping Carts

Fast Lane -The shopping carts - driven by fun. Some carts are pimped with a skateboard. Up for some extra shopping fun? By Volkswagen

Big Huggin': An Affection Game - Hug the Bear to Play. The world needs more games where you hug a teddy bear!!

Big Huggin': An Affection Game - Hug the Bear to Play. The world needs more games where you hug a teddy bear!

Hubbub, an environmental charity in the UK, wants to encourage people to dispose of their garbage in a proper manner. It created a series of urban trash cans that make disposing of litter fun.

10 Creative Ideas To Reduce Littering & Vandalism

Hubbub’s Brilliant Design is Reducing London’s Street Litter