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LASD female explorers during a special function. Unknown exact date.what exactly went down at the "Special Function?

I can't!!!!  Why would anybody do this to their child?  I don't care what year it was.  OMG!!  Lol!!!

from Doing Hard Time in Shaker Heights- i just love older photos of kids with wigs.

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Not too much to say that big hair style roamed the earth during the 1960s. The bigger the hair, the more beautiful. It was a general trend f...

vintage everyday: When Big Hair Roamed The Earth: The Hairstyle That Defined The

By Elinor Cahn.

soredemonao: “girlatlas: “ Bingo Player at Saint Casimer’s [sic] Church Hall, 1979 Elinor Cahn TREMENDOUS. She’s fabulous! That’s what I want to look like in 10 years.

Women With Very Big Hair In the 1960s |

Women With Very Big Hair In the 1960s

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