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k-ui:    アイドルマスターシンデレラガールズ

Formerly Ikaotaku. Now I am known by my stage name, Misanthropic Bavian. lol you can just call me Oji-san or MB, As always I make gifs, upload Metal songs, and.

grafika animals, anime, and cat

*taps this gif* hmmm I wonder what this is *watches gif* awwwww!

"I have no idea what your talking about..." "Wiping your glasses like a Chinese Lamp isn't going to make an excuse magically appear..."

"I have no idea what your talking about." "Wiping your glasses like a Chinese Lamp isn't going to make an excuse magically appear.

Ahahahaah I gave my sketch of Bubble some legs. So I figured I'd post it. Maybe now I'll be more motivated to finish her lol Bubble and art (c) RaineSeryn

Pastel chibi commission for Dovahkitt Chibis are fun to draw, chibis in a house or with objects are much more fun to draw! *u* Idk why but I love doing things like that xD Thank you a lot for c.

I tried this with my friends... and it was awesome.

If you thought they were going to punch each other, you are not alone.


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mine inu x boku ss miketsukami soushi inu x boku !inu ughh don

The Power of the King

This is the scene that piqued my interest in Nichijou. The game is called Daruma Otoshi… which is really hard to win, due to the friction between the discs when you strike one with the hammer.


kyoukai no kanata mirai kuriyama: knk gif queue epilepsy warning