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A piscina mais assustadora do mundo? Conheça a cobertura deste prédio de 38 andares | Época NEGÓCIOS - notícias em Empresa

A piscina mais assustadora do mundo? Conheça a cobertura deste prédio de 38 andares

Swimmable Skybridge, Bishan Central Condominium, Singapore Would you have the nerve to go swimming that high? it's amazing

Casa sustentável

Como construir uma casa sustentável fantástica com 18 mil reais

Steve Areen was offered some land on his friends mango farm to build his dream home

Floating Hotel - Bahamas.

Dangers of Dental Implants - Dental Implant Facts

Ark Hotel of China is remarkable achievement of world and the one of the interesting buildings in the world. The Ark Hotel was designed by Russian firm Remistudio.

The most expensive house in the world. One Billion Dollar House in Mumbai.... it's 27 floors

Indian billionaire, Mukesh Ambani has finished building his new home in Mumbai, India costing to about 1 billion dollars. Yes the home has cost Ambani 1 billion dollars. It is the most expensive house in the world right now.

Damn that's crazy.

Green concept of the future called the Lilypad Project This reminds me of an Arrested Development episode. or of the Venus Project.

O pavilhão construído dentro do Bosque e Parque Ecológico Da Da Nong Fu, na província de Hualien, Taiwan, é composto por onze abóbadas construídas com bambu recém cortado. #bambu #bamboo #pavilhão

Galeria de Pavilhão no Bosque / nArchitects - 10

built from bamboo while it's still green and pliable -- Forest Pavilion, Da Nong Da Fu Forest and Eco-park Hualien, Taiwan designed by nArchitects

Inverted Water Scraper

6 Ways To Live After Your City Goes Underwater

The Water-Scraper Designed by Malaysian architect Sarly Adre bin Sarkum. The building would generate its own power using wave-power, solar energy and wind power, and has its own farms, including aquaculture and hydroponics farms.



The Amazing Glass Balcony Pool is a design proposed for the ISM Parinee Ohm Tower, a 30 story luxury condominium tower in Mumbai, India. The tower was designed by Hong Kong based James Law Cybertecture. via what the cool