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Plants and Animals NEEDS anchor chart | Kindergarten Science and Soci…

Use observations to describe patterns of what plants and animals (including humans) need to survive. This will be a clear example of what plants vs animals need to survive that also provides the students with visuals.

a super fun introductory craftivity for a living things science unit! (the needs and characteristics of living things)

Science Focus #1: The Needs & Characteristics of Living Things

This activity corresponds with the Grade 3 Science Standard, Earth's Resources. I would incorporate literature by reading the book, "Is It a Living Thing?" by Bobbie Kalman.

Bodies of Water Anchor Chart

This chart would be a great tool when trying to identify where the animal lives. To make this more useful and grade appropriate, students could include facts and major Texas bodies of water on the back!

Four Seasons anchor chart

British Columbia Kindergarten Language Arts British Columbia Kindergarten Science: Earth and Space - Surroundings "describe features of their immediate environment" Four Seasons anchor chart

Miller's Science Space: Physical Science Anchor Charts about light reflection and refraction

Miller's Science Space: Physical Science Anchor Charts and photosynthesis is on botanical. for more overt, that's on binomial nomenclature.

I think this is a great Ideas especially because we were just learning about plants and gardens in my practicum classroom!

I would use this anchor chart for a third grade plant unit. Combining vocab and their definitions with an image is a great way to teach vocabulary and accommodate ELL learners. I would keep it in the classroom visible to access.

Living and Non-living anchor chart

Living and Non-living anchor chart. Would probably take out the word reproduce if its a younger grade

Transportation Anchor Chart for Kindergarten

9 Must Make Anchor Charts for Social Studies

Insects anchor chart

An all about insects anchor chart for Kindergarten. How do plants and animals change the environment to meet their needs.

Made & used this anchor chart for my lesson on Physical Properties of Matter today in 4th grade!

Compare materials and objects according to properties such as size, shape, color, texture, and hardness Made & used this anchor chart for my lesson on Physical Properties of Matter today in grade!

anchor charts on history for kindergarten - Google Search

Grade 1 - Earth and Space Science- Daily and seasonal changes. Have them brainstorm words and ideas that go with each season. If the classroom is having daily weather updates have the students predict the next season

Mezcla leche mas vinagre y obtendras una masa muy parecida al plastico que tus peques podrán moldear y decorar.

Turn Milk into Plastic